production & marketing of picking buckets

and related products for the agricultural sector

All you need in one basket

Our agriculture products are designed for enhanced and effective fruit picking, while also helping farmers protect the quality of their fruit.

We base the design, development and manufacturing of our diverse picking baskets on innate knowledge, professional analysis and a widespread understanding of diverse nature and farming requirements. When it comes to our baskets,
Kibbutz EinZivan's 2,500 acres of deciduous orchards serve as our professional research zone


Our Vision

Sal Teva strives to become a global leader in its field of expertise.
We develop high-quality products, use the finest materials,
provide top-notch customer service and are always aware of relevant
cutting-edge developments.


As manufacturers, our goal is to improve and optimize farm harvests.
Our products are designed to meet diverse farming needs, and we are firm believers in product excellence. Each of our products is manufactured with utmost attention to detail.


We continuously strive to improve our products, focusing on the needs of the produce, our customers and the end users. We place an extra special emphasis on effectiveness, durability and comfort, and are committed to creating modern, aesthetic designs.


As manufacturers, it is our duty to maintain a fruitful relationship with our customers, while continuing to develop high-end products and implementing constructive feedback into practice, day in and day out.


יצור ושיווק תרמילי קטיף ומוצרים לחקלאות קיבוץ עין זיוון 

סל - טבע קיבוץ עין זיוון

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