production & marketing of picking buckets

and related products for the agricultural sector

Sal-teva coffee beans picking bucket

Sal-teva`s coffee beans picking bucket was developed and created to optimize coffee beans picking, to protect the beans, its quality and at the same time to accelerate the harvest and increase output performance.

This picking bucket is made with a padded inside to protect the fruit.
It comes with a special cross strap that attaches it to the picker`s  body  allowing him to keep his hands free while the bucket rests comfortably on his body without any concern of the fruit spilling.

Maximum carrying capacity up to 15 kg.

maximum volume 19 Liter


• We work with high quality materials
• Our products undergo stringent quality controls before sending them to the client.

•  All our bags & buckets Can be washed & cleaned

יצור ושיווק תרמילי קטיף ומוצרים לחקלאות קיבוץ עין זיוון 

סל - טבע קיבוץ עין זיוון

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