production & marketing of picking buckets

and related products for the agricultural sector

Sal-teva citrus picking bag

This bag was developed for the citrus growers

and was tested by several control groups.
The bag fits picker`s Body; with its Center of gravity Situated in the picker`s body center which allows him to use both hands, for fast and Fluent work.
Maximum carrying capacity up to 30 kg.

• We work with high quality materials
• Our products undergo stringent quality controls before sending them to the client.

•  All our bags & buckets Can be washed & cleaned

Raleted Products

יצור ושיווק תרמילי קטיף ומוצרים לחקלאות קיבוץ עין זיוון 

סל - טבע קיבוץ עין זיוון

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